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Pack #7 (Large)

Pack #7 (Large)

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Retail Pack #6 =/< RRP $2000 WHS $1000

Our Retail Packs are designed to help busy stockists get on with their day. We understand what time poor means...and not only that but if you're anything like me, too many choices can sometimes be slightly overwhelming.

We have selected a range of our most popular and best selling items. You are welcome to leave a note with colour preferences. Otherwise you can leave that up to us and we will send you a combination of popular colours including "girls", "boys" and gender neutral tones.

This Pack is  "Combination" Large sized pack consisting of teethers & dummy chains, jewellery and accessories. 

 You will receive:

10 x Ari Teething Rings

8 x Neptune Teething Rattles

8 x Tweeti Bird Teethers

8 x Coco Teething Rattles

8 x Monty Monster Silicone Teethers

22 x Dummy Chains


4 x Abacus Necklace OR Geo Hex Necklace*

3 x Coco Necklace

3 x Eska Necklace

5 x Luna OR Luxe Necklace*

7 x Keyring OR (8) Bangles*


*Please leave selection in notes. If no selection is made we will select for you.

RRP $2000 Wholesale price $1000

If you would like to swap any of these products out with something else just ask.